New double cleansing ingredients derived from facial toners remove heavy eye makeup easily using about half the cleansing ingredients of conventional products. Creates clear skin” by enhanced cleansing capability, moisturizing effect which improves the skin’s texture and wiping off the dead skin. The formula is much similar to a facial toner with the improved moisturizing effect. Formulated to reduce friction; gentle on the skin. Oil free, hypoallergenic formula, fragrance free, color free, paraben free and alcohol free.


Dipropylene Glycol (Solvent; Masking; Fragrance; Viscosity Controlling; Viscosity Decreasing Agent)PEG-12 Laurate (Emulsifying) Butylene Glycol (Solvent; Skin Conditioning; Masking; Fragrance; Humectant; Viscosity Controlling; Viscositydecreasing Agent) Glycol (Solvent; Humectant; Viscosity Controlling) PEG/PPG/Polybutylene Glycol-8/5/3 Glycerin (Humectant)PEG-8 (Solvent; Humectant) PEG-6 Caprylic/Capric Glycerides (Skin Conditioning; Emollient; Surfactant; Emulsifying) Sodium Citrate (Masking; Ph Adjuster; Buffering Agent; Chelating) Sodium Methyl Stearoyl Taurate (Surfactant; Cleansing; Foaming) Citric Acid (Masking; Fragrance; Chelating Agent; Ph Adjuster; Buffering Agent)
Disodium EDTA (Viscosity Controlling; Chelating Agent) o-Cymen-5-ol (Cosmetic Biocide; Preservative) Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract (Skin Conditioning; Masking; Emollient; Humectant; Antimicrobial; Skin Protecting; UV absorber; Antioxidant; Tonic; Astringent) Soluble Collagen (Skin Conditioning; Humectant; Antistatic Agent; Hair Conditioning; Film Forming) Hamamelis Virginiana (Witch Hazel) Leaf Extract (Skin Conditioning; Cosmetic Astringent)
Phenoxyethanol (Fragrance; Preservative) Methylparaben (Fragrance; Preservative)


Soak cotton puff fully with cleansing lotion (press 3 times), wipe off dirt and makeup gently. No need to rinse. If you prefer a fresher feeling, rinse with water but no need to use facial wash products to avoid washing off the moisture retaining factor. To remove heavy eye makeup, press softly on eyelids for a few seconds until makeup is dissolve. To remove waterproof eye makeup, recommend using Bifesta Eye Makeup Remover.

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