1. Bronzer
Gives a natural and radiant tanned effect.
With a lightweight and sensory texture, it contains micronised powders for a perfecting effect.
2. Contouring Powder
Sculpts the contours and rebalances the facial features.
With a silky and ultra-fine texture, it contains spherical powders for an incredible velvety touch.
3. Satin Highlighter
When mixed together with the Bronzer, it creates a radiant finish all over the face.
With a lightweight and melting texture, it contains soft focus powders and very fine pearls for a radiant effect.
4. Metallic Highlighter
Adds hints of “metallic light” on the raised areas of the face.
A powder with a creamy feel and a rich, sensory texture, it contains a mix of waxes, oils and metallic pearls for an amazing foil effect.
5. Ultra Sparkling Highlighter
When used alone or on top of the Metallic Highlighter, it gives a sparkling effect on the raised areas of the face.
With an ultra-light and “weightless” texture, it contains very fine reflective pearls
for a frost effect on the face.


Dermatologically tested. Paraben Free.


1. Bronzer + 3. Satin Highlighter
Apply the Bronzer over your entire face with circular movements. For a radiant finish, mix the bronzer with the Satin Highlighter.

2. Contouring Powder
Apply the Contouring Powder from the forehead to the cheeks with the typical “3” shape. Then blend near to the jaw, down towards the neck. Finally, blend the contours of the nose to streamline it optically.

4. Metallic Highlighter
Apply the Metallic Highlighter on the raised areas of the face: cheeks, bridge of the nose, eyebrow arch, cupids bow and chin. Apply it directly with your fingertips to benefit from its sensory consistency and total coverage.

5. Ultra Sparkling Highlighter
Apply the Ultra Sparkling Highlighter on its own on the raised areas of the face to create a sparkling frost finish. Use it as a top coat over the Metallic Highlighter to increase the glow effect.

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