Collection & Delivery

Where do I collect my order?
There are currently more than 70 Sa Sa stores in Malaysia available to pick up your beauty treats from. Simply select your preferred collection points at checkout before confirming your payment. 


How do I know if my order is ready for collection?

Products will be ready for collection within 7 working days once your order is confirmed. Alternatively, you will receive an Email/SMS Notification once your order reaches the store.

What if I do not collect my order?

Collection has to be done within 14 days upon order arrival of order at the store. Orders not collected after 14 days will be treated as a "no-show" order and will be sent back to our warehouse. Refund will be provided (subject to administrative fees).

What if I am away and not able to collect my order within 14 days?

You may assign an authorized representative to collect on your behalf provided the representative have your One Time Password (OTP) received from SMS or app notification. You should ensure your OTP is not disclosed to anyone else other than you or your authorized representative. We shall not be liable for any unauthorized collection of order provided they are able to provide the OTP.

You may also request to extend your collection period by contacting our customer service via 03 9282 6877 or

Do you do delivery?

Currently, we do not do delivery and orders can be collected at a Sa Sa store of your choice. But hang in there, we will be delivering to you very soon!